North Rome Hotel Nomentana Montesacro

North Rome Hotel Nomentana Montesacro
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We had a tough time finding it and felt quite foolish once we got our bearings. If you arrive at termini you can walk ten minutes to the hotel (without luggage) by via Marsala all the way to the arche TripAdvisor"


The Location

The Montesacro district, established with the name of Città Giardino prior to the nineteen hundreds, today is a residential district in Rome.

Piazza Sempione is particularly interesting, which serves as a scenic entrance to the neighborhood and has buildings created by Gustavo Giovanni and Innocenzo Sabbatini.

The Ponte Nomentano together with the Ponte Milvio was, in ancient Rome, one of the most important urban points and the local lore recounts a meeting between Charlemagne and Leo III in the eighteen hundreds on this bridge.

Although it is a business center, Montesacro was able to preserve various green areas such as the Talenti park, the Parco dell’Aguzzano and the Parco della Marcigliana.

It is an area able to provide any type of service because of the multiple existing businesses: clothing shops, supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, cafes and much more. Truly a small city within the big city.

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. Hotel Carlo Magno ™ Hotel Address: Via Sacco Pastore ,  13, Rome, Italy.
Tel: +39 06/8603982. Fax: +39 06/068604355. City Zone of Rome Montesacro - Nomentana Salaria - Porta di Roma - Tiburtina
GeoCoordinates +41° 55' 54.85", +12° 31' 37.62"